Worms on Tour

The book tour officially kicks off next week with two talks to garden clubs here in Humboldt county. Usually my publisher schedules author events, but in a small town like this it just makes more sense for me to handle it myself. I’ll start traveling in March; until then, I’ll stick closer to home and speak to local groups.

I haven’t said much about the publicity part of this book, mostly because it feels a little self-indulgent. But I will say this: the response so far has just been amazing. I sent out a press release about the Humboldt County events and heard back from three or four reporters the same day. A story ran in the Eureka Times Standard yesterday; that morning three people called and asked if I could come speak to their group. I’m talking to garden clubs and 4-H groups, doing author fairs at the library, teaching a worm composting workshop at a nursery, and signing books at a garden gift store during Arts Arcata, a once-a-month event where shops stay open late, exhibit local art, and pour wine.

It’s your basic grassroots tour. I guess that’s appropriate for a book on worms. Later, when I go on the road, I’ll do more regular bookstore events. But even when I’m traveling, I’m hoping to stop at some nurseries and botanical gardens. And if there’s a 4-H group out there raising worms, I hope they’ll ask me to drop by and check it out.