Worms in the Snow

Here’s an image for you—a sign on a mountaintop outside Albuquerque describing the local flora and fauna. Here, in the high desert, on a snowy day, is a reminder of the contributions of the humble worm.

Had a good talk at Bound to be Read, a terrific bookstore in Albuquerque. One couple had been having problems with worms fleeing their bin and wanted to talk it over. (Possible problems: the bin may be too wet—drain it or add dry shredded paper to soak up the moisture—or too acid—add bone meal or agricultural lime to sweeten it.) There were a number of other worm enthusiasts in the crowd, we sold all the books the bookstore had ordered, and the worms I brought from California performed admirably.

I have a worm workshop tomorrow here in Humboldt county that is already sold out—60 people have signed up, and with walk-ins, there may be 70 in the audience. More on that tomorrow.