The Cocoons

The little white spots are the encapsulated worm cocoons. I put them in a plastic tub filled with good organic potting soil, sprinkled a little earthworm food on top of them, and added another layer of soil. I’m trying not to disturb them too much, so they can hatch in peace, but it’s hard to resist. The babies will be hard to see anyway, so I’ll probably give it a month or so before I go digging around for worms.

I have this recurring dream about worms, in which I go outside and see dozens of worms right on the surface of the earth, all slithering around, most of them much larger than anything I might normally find in the garden. Maybe a foot in length, about the size of a small garden snake. I try to round them all up–why? to save them from something? I am trying to keep some good healthy worms in a bin so I have a supply of them to take with me on the book tour, so maybe that’s why I’m trying to grab them in the dream. Anyway, they’re slippery and flailing around and I keep dropping them. Last night’s dream was particularly vivid–I had three or four of them in my cupped hands, and I could feel them pulsating, like a beating heart. What does it all mean?