Talking to Worms

In response to questions posted lately on the blog:

Yes, I do talk to the worms if I have something to say. Worms appreciate being addressed directly about matters concerning them and they are not immune to occasional words of affection and praise. However, they do not tolerate small talk any better than I do, so there is not much idle chatter between us.

As for the drainage holes in the nightcrawler bin, they’re quite a bit smaller than the worms themselves so I don’t think they’ll escape. And if they want out bad enough to try to squeeze through a hole, or roam around the lip of the lid in search of a little crack, I say let them go.

If you’re going to try this yourself at home, another good strategy is to use a large planter with bigger, pre-drilled drainage holes, which you can cover with a fine mesh screen.

In other news, there has been a great deal of excitement around our house over the discovery that Powell’s Books in Portland has chosen The Earth Moved as one of their 14 Favorites for Winter 2004. David Sedaris, Hunter S. Thompson, and the amazing poet Joy Harjo are also on the list. I am in lofty company indeed.

If you’ve never been to Powell’s, let me tell you that it is a book lover’s paradise. Their main store (they have several in the Portland area) fills an entire city block. I wish I could say more about it, but when I try to describe it, I am actually at a loss for words. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself, or check out their website, which is a great place to order new or used books.

Good news like this will keep me buzzing all weekend. I fear I’m getting to be impossible to live with. Fortunately, the worms keep me humble.