Soil Soup

We finally got some of that famous Seattle rain. Driving up to Bellingham today for a reading in their historic Fairhaven district. Last night I read at Eagle Harbor Books on Bainbridge Island–another good crowd, 20 people or so. To think they chose worms over the final episode of Friends. One of my favorite garden writers, Ann Lovejoy, lives on the island and she came to the reading, but she had to leave early so I didn’t get to say hello. One woman who came to the reading said she was buying the book for her daughter–when her daughter started a garden for the first time, she’d sent some worms from her own garden to get her started. Wow. The things people will do.

Also met a guy from Soil Soup, a company that makes compost tea brewers. This is the hot new thing to do with worm castings–brew up a tea that you can spray around the garden. Really makes a little go a long way. He’s offered to send me one to try out. Who am I to say no?