I was planning on posting another worm photo today, but I’ve been distracted by some Big News: The Boston Globe published a terrific review of The Earth Moved in their book section. The reviewer is Anthony Doerr, whose short story collection The Shell Collector is imbued with a love of the landscape and a fascination with the natural world. He writes interesting and conversational reviews of books on natural science for the Globe, and you can imagine my excitement when I got to this line:

“[Rachel] Carson’s legacy is proof that science books matter, that good prose can change the world. On its own scale, Stewart’s book paddles along in Carson’s wake.”
I printed the review off the Internet and ran outside with it in my hands this morning, half-planning to read it to the worms. But they are deaf, and besides, they don’t know the Boston Globe from the Eureka Times-Standard. So I shredded a copy and fed it to them, along with their customary Sunday breakfast of coffee grounds and eggshells. They’re unimpressed with literary success, happy in their dark, damp obscurity. That’s as it should be. I expect nothing more, or nothing less, from them