More Worm Media

The Good Worm had another media appearance today: we went to the Eureka Sequoia Garden Club, where all the perfectly-dressed, grey-haired ladies extended their hands so it could slither onto their palms. At one point I lost track of The Good Worm completely: it was being passed from person to person and I couldn’t even see it in the crowd.

I brought the worm home and put it back in the plastic, dirt-filled holding pen I’ve set up for it. It pushed its way underground as soon as I let go of it, but I think it it’s beginning to enjoy the limelight.

Did an interview yesterday with Mike Carruthers, host of a radio show called “Something You Should Know.” I expect it to air in the next couple of weeks. If you don’t get this show in your neck of the woods (there’s a station list on the website), you can also listen to it online once it’s posted there.Lots more worm news, and possibly some very interesting worm photos, coming in the next few days. Stay tuned…