I’m starting to get invitations

I’m starting to get invitations to speak to school groups. A 6th-grade science teacher has invited me and the worms to talk to three science classes in the school library one morning at 8:30 a.m. (He’s promised me a double nonfat latte in exchange for showing up, showered and dressed, at this unreasonable hour). Why do I find the idea of talking to 80-100 6th graders so intimidating, when I don’t think twice about radio and newspaper interviews, or addressing 40 booksellers at a trade show?

I suppose the answer is obvious to any of you who have 6th graders at home. These kids are smart as a whip and they’ll say whatever is on their mind.

Gulp. I’ll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, the Dallas Morning News ran a great review of the book–this is all the more exciting because I was born & raised in Dallas/Fort Worth. Home girl makes good. The review includes an enchanting illustration, and this poem, which appears to have been written by the reviewer, Alfred Bortz:

The reader just sits there and squirms
Uneasily coming to terms
Having suddenly faced
A developing taste
For wriggling and night-crawling worms.

Right on, Fred.