How Careless of Me

In response to Annette’s comment yesterday…sure, nightcrawlers burrow in the soil, but they come to the surface to pull organic matter into their burrows, and they simply can’t resist a pile of dead leaves. You’ll find them down there at the bottom on a cool, damp day, just reveling in the wonder of it all. Should have made all that more clear.

Lots of new and exciting publicity-type stuff on the horizon, including my first TV appearance on a Bay Area gardening show called Henry’s Garden (not sure of air date yet–I’ll tape it in late April) and a possible trip to DC for some big-time radio and an event or two. Meanwhile, there was another good review in a Raleigh newspaper.

Just went down the street to pose with about a dozen other authors for a group photo. The idea was to do a photograph like Art Kane’s “A Great Day in Harlem.” I’m not sure that we quite had the–what would you call it–presence of those jazz legends, but it was fun to get together with everybody anyway. The photo will be used as publicity for a local author reading at the community college next month.

We couldn’t figure out how to arrange ourselves, so the photographer just told us to line up alphabetically. “In order of the titles of our last books?” one woman asked. I suggested we line up in order of our Amazon sales ranks. That caused a little nervous laughter in the group. We more or less just stood next to the people we knew best. The worms stayed home.