Earthworm Poetry

There was a nice write-up about the book in the San Francisco Chronicle today. It was a terrific review with one small error: she called me an Easterner. We Texans are sensitive about that sort of thing. Well, I guess Texas is east of California.

The Rocky Mountain News did a fun story on worms and slugs today, also.
Got a call from one of the owners of my local bookstore, Northtown Books, this morning. They want to do a worm-themed window display and thought they’d include a poem about worms. I suggested an Anne Sexton poem, Earthworm, from her book 45 Mercy Street. Here’s an excerpt:

Have you no beginning and end? Which heart is
the real one? Which eye the seer? Why
is it in the infinite plan that you would
be severed and rise from the dead like a gargoyle
with two heads?

More earthworm poetry coming soon.