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Do Earthworms Glow in the Dark?

Posted by on October 3, 2005 in Worms

Why, yes. There are some that do glow softly. Earthworms secrete a slimy fluid that they use for locomotion, among other things. This coelomic fluid, in certain species, gives off a distinct blue or orange glow.

To find out more than you ever wanted to know about glow-in-the-dark worms, check out:

Earthworm Bioluminescence

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  1. Hey just writing to say we found some “glow worms” in our back yard. We thought we were seeing things until I scooped one up and brought it to the porch, and saw the worm in the dirt then turned the light off and it was “glowing”. I have been researching online and think that the worms are not in the right geographical area. we live in Austin, Texas. Please help!!!