Come On, Touch It!

The Chicago Sun-Times on worm composting:

The process is odor-free and bug-free, but a certain yuck factor may nonetheless be keeping worm bins from really taking off. Pat Schwarze of the Building Owners Management Association of Suburban Chicago said members learned about vermiculture at a trade show last year, but nobody bit. "People are interested by it, fascinated by it, but they’re not sure they want to touch it," Schwarze said.


4 thoughts on “Come On, Touch It!”

  1. Every time I put a vegetable peel in the disposal, or a banana peel in the freezer, I feel like I’m wasting something. I’m asking Santa Claus for a worm compost bin.
    And a bat house.
    And maybe some toads too.
    I went out the other night to shoot down June beetles with pyrethrin spray, and man! It was earthworm booty time. They were everywhere!
    I had to tap on the ground with the spray bottle to make sure they’d go back in the ground before spraying plants.

  2. My gardening friend D has a worm composting setup in his attached garage… when he first showed it to me, I was trying SO HARD not to ask if I could wiggle my fingers in with the worms. He must have figured out that’s what I was thinking, because he finally said, “You know… if you really want to touch the worms you can. I don’t mind!”
    Worms rock. 🙂 I so need one of these.

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