Better Than Disneyland

Leisure Farms

A new theme park devoted to farming–yes, farming!–features worms:

“The area also has a section on permission, or using earthworms to make fertilizers that are needed to sustain organic farming. The vermicomposing pits allow visitors to see up close what earthworms called African night crawlers, look like.

‘The earthworms are imported from Iloilo as they are more prolific and can make the fertilizers faster than the garden variety earthworms,’ said Dexter Banzali, general manager of Leisure Farms.”

I went to their website, which is all written in the future tense, as if none of this is actually happening yet, but they do promise “agritainment” (which apparently refers to two other terms I’d never heard of, “agritourism” and “entertainment farming”)–and this will be part of a larger “exclusive residential farm resort with an agro-tourism community.” You can learn how to farm, you can bring your livestock (but no pigs) and you can build yourself a little house.

Next time you’re in the Phillipines, please check this out and report back. I have so many questions, I hardly know where to begin.