Wicked Plants: The Trailer

There will be much more news about my new book in the next few weeks.   But let's begin with:  the video! 
My oh-so-clever brother (who is off to Sundance with the latest film he edited) planned, directed, shot, and edited this over the summer.  We used the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery for the shoot–a wonderful old spooky graveyard.  You'll also get to meet the neighbor's dog, my adorable nephew, and the feet of my lovely sister-in-law.  And if you want to read more about the making of this video, go here.


8 thoughts on “Wicked Plants: The Trailer”

  1. Super preview of the book!
    But don’t forget the sugar in that ice cream – sugar’s been called a slow form of suicide :-).

  2. Sweet Trailer video for your new book. Halloween is my favorite holiday and you just combined my two favs. Is that creepy? Who cares. Best of luck to the new book.

  3. Amy – I’m going to feature your book at Barnes & Noble’s Garden Book Club in September. I’d love to have you visit with us, if you’re available. Email me if you’re interested!

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