Press Kits & Galleys

Press kit

Algonquin's press kits for Wicked Plants have gone out into the world, along with the galley!   I should have actual finished books in a couple of months.

6 thoughts on “Press Kits & Galleys”

  1. Algonquin has some wickedly brilliant publicists. My review copy of “Wicked Plants” arrived in time for the weekend…and I happen to be bookless (she says with a cackle, rubbing her bony hands together).

  2. Amy, I tried to send an email to you at your address as posted on the Garden Writers List, but it looks like it’s been caught as something it’s not. I want to request a review copy for the newspaper I write for; if you email me I’ll send the note back to you. thx, jodi

  3. I’m so looking forward to reading this one. I have planned ‘The Garden of Death’ for many years and have yet to implement one.

  4. I’m so thrilled about this book — wonderful content, and you’re the perfect one to write it! My own “Garden of Death” is out back; managed to sprout mandrake from seed last year, and the unholy weed is absolutely burgeoning with all this rain!
    –the SF composting Amy

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