2 thoughts on “The Wicked Bugs ad”

  1. Hi Amy,
    I heard your interview on Fresh Air. Fascinating book! It’s in my wishlist already. But I’m writing because you said that there are no brown recluse spiders in California. In 2009, a local Fortuna carpenter named Mike Holzmann died in the emergency room at St. Joseph, there in Eureka where you live. Mike, who I had contracted many times, was uninsured like many Humboldt County people and hoped that the spider bite was simply going to work its way through his system without more than a fever and some pain. He was diabetic, too. Mike took his chances with the spider bite (I was told, from a spider in a closet in a Eureka Motel where he often did repair work). A week later one of his friends took him to the emergency room, where Mike died a few hours later. It was the doctor who, after seeing the necrosis in the hand that eventually spread into Mike’s organs, concluded the spider did it. I had moved out of Eureka when this happened, so I could not confirm beyond what I was told nearly a year later by his friends. You may want to check this report out. Ask also people with the Home Network Pest Control (a company there in Eureka). Mike used to work for them.

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