Welcome to my new blog!

There are big changes afoot at Dirt.  First, I’ve moved to this new location and integrated the blog with the rest of my website. 

Second, I’ve rolled my three old blogs (Dirt, Humboldt Hens, and Worms of Endearment) into one.  If you’re only here for the chicken stuff, the worm stuff, or the garden stuff, check the Categories links on the left.   I’ll also be writing more about the cut flower industry, the upcoming book tour, and other news related to my new book, Flower Confidential.

Third, I’m blogging a few times a week at GardenRant, so please stop by and check us out.  We’re having a little too much fun for our own good over there.  You can read more about the inspiration for this group blog here.

And last but not least, I’ve made it even easier to get Dirt by adding a bunch of subscription options at the bottom of the sidebar.  Just scroll down and see if there’s one there that will work for your custom Yahoo, Google, or AOL homepage, or for your Bloglines account, or whatever kind of reader you might use to read all your favorite blogs in one place.  (Is this syndication talk all Greek to you? Then check out CNET’s simple explanation. An RSS reader is a great way to enable and simplify your growing blog addiction.)

Oh, and you can even get new Dirt posts by e-mail.  Just check out the "Get E-mail Updates" box near the bottom of the sidebar.

And now–for once–I’m going to go spend the day in the garden.  I’ll be back with a full report soon.