Get Your Social Networking On

Do you LibraryThing?  Are you LinkedIn?  If you’re into bookish social networking, stop by my page on one of these sites and say hello:

Facebook — I’ve got a page, and my books have a page. Send me a friend invite!

Twitter–Follow my Twitter activities here.

Linkedin — Social networking for professionals; lots of creative types and garden writers are joining.

RedRoom — Where the writers are.

LibraryThing — Catalog your library and get to know people with similar tastes.  LibraryThing hosts author chats,  offers an early reviewers program,  lists author events in your area, and even lets you explore the libraries of famous dead people.

Shelfari — Like LibraryThing, with discussion boards, Facebook and MySpace apps, and more.

GoodReads — Another great book networking site with author interviews, advance book giveaways, etc.

BookTour — A cool site for authors, readers, and venues. Request an author, find out who’s coming to town.

Eventful — Not just for authors, but a great site for tracking performers of all kinds and requesting that they come to your area.  You can also sign up for notification of events in your community.

And once you get there, sign up, send a friend invitation, and let me know what you’re up to!