Get Your Social Networking On

Do you LibraryThing?  Are you LinkedIn?  If you’re into bookish social networking, stop by my page on one of these sites and say hello:

Facebook — I’ve got a page, and my books have a page. Send me a friend invite!

Twitter–Follow my Twitter activities here.

Linkedin — Social networking for professionals; lots of creative types and garden writers are joining.

RedRoom — Where the writers are.

LibraryThing — Catalog your library and get to know people with similar tastes.  LibraryThing hosts author chats,  offers an early reviewers program,  lists author events in your area, and even lets you explore the libraries of famous dead people.

Shelfari — Like LibraryThing, with discussion boards, Facebook and MySpace apps, and more.

GoodReads — Another great book networking site with author interviews, advance book giveaways, etc.

BookTour — A cool site for authors, readers, and venues. Request an author, find out who’s coming to town.

Eventful — Not just for authors, but a great site for tracking performers of all kinds and requesting that they come to your area.  You can also sign up for notification of events in your community.

And once you get there, sign up, send a friend invitation, and let me know what you’re up to!

8 thoughts on “Get Your Social Networking On”

  1. I use LibraryThing, mostly so I can use their widget to put book cover pictures on my blog. is getting into social networking. This is an interesting development due to their massive database. Users can create lists, get a widget, write reviews, view Amazon reviews, rate books, purchase books, and locate the books at libraries. (NAYY, I just work at a library where we use it a lot.)

  2. I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GoodReads, and occasionally Eventful. I used to use LibraryThing and I still have an account, but GoodReads has been my go-to for social networking revolving around books. Twitter and GoodReads have been the most useful socially, and LinkedIn has been great for career/business stuff.

  3. Hi Amy,
    On the subject of “requesting a speaker,” I noticed you are on the roster of speakers at the IGC Show. I’ll be covering the event and hope to meet you while there. Looking forward to listening to your presentation.
    Shirley Bovshow

  4. I use Facebook simply to keep in touch with friends and share photos. We use at work to have an online resource for our horticulture library because we do not have an electronic catalog. My husband has successfully used LinkIn to network in his profession. I know NYBG has a site on MySpace. These other sites are new to me. Thanks for pointing them out I will have to explore.

  5. Whilst all social networking sites are great and offer us all a chance to express our passion in life I have found a niche social networking site that allows me to get in touch with others who share the same interest. If you also share a passion for gardening try I also use facebook groups.

  6. is a fresh, new concept in online social networking. But it is not just another site to complicate your online social life. In fact, it allows you to organize and combine all of your online profiles such as Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Linkedin, and Multiply into just ONE “Whzzz Key” profile. This means you can now share just a single website for all of your friends!

  7. Great info, Amy. Will banana peels, and coffee filter compost with other scraps, or do they need to be pulverized first before putting into the compost pile? Or could I just get that electric shredder, and put my stuff that has been sitting for 3months and it will shred enough or will it clog the shredder?

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