Salem, MA

Salem is weirdly into witchcraft. I kept thinking, like, weren’t they falsely accused?Salem, MA

3 thoughts on “Salem, MA”

  1. Well they need to read that new book of yours. Just think–after all these years to learn it was a wicked plant!
    I LOVE the book–
    I’m actually an awe-i’ve got hemlock in my garden, and I’m really mad at my brother-in-law right now. hhhmmm. 😉

  2. Maybe the town leaders believe notoriety is just another word for “no such thing as BAD publicity” ?

  3. Yes, the commercial market has a way of distorting truth! Any inquiry into old New England gardening trends? Did any of the so called witches find themselves accused of growing “evil” plants??? I’ve lived here for some time but don’t have that answer…

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