Let’s Geek Out

Excuse me while I get all geeky for a minute.

First, this website is hosted by Webmasters. When I signed up with them, I thought, oh, whatever, it’s a big old anonymous company and I’m on my own, but hey, it’s cheap.  Was I ever wrong!  These people have 24/7 live phone support with an actual person who:

(a) is not angry with you for calling, and

(b) does not tell you to reinstall Windows and call them back, and

(c) is able to actually fix the problem while you are on the phone with them.

I can’t tell you how amazing this is.  This has happened not once, but twice for me, so I don’t think it’s a fluke.  Also, the second time I called, I got disconnected and called back, thinking:  oh, great.  I’ve got to start all over with some new person.  But no, the same person answered and she solved my problem!

How is this possible?  Really, I don’t understand.  But give them a try.

In response to Angela’s question about TypePad vs. Blogger–

Yes, TP makes it very easy to import Blogger posts.  Here’s a hint: if you want your posts categorized as you import them (since Blogger does not support categories), add this to the code TypePad gives you to put in your Blogger template for the import process:


or whatever you want the category to be.  This’ll make sense when you’re reading TypePad’s instructions.  Also, you can put your Blogger blog back the way it was when you’re done importing–just follow the instructions in reverse.

And TypePad is WAY easier in terms of putting cool stuff in your sidebar, and you can do loads of customization without knowing any HTML (including uploading a photo for your header), and there’s a browser button for quick posts, and too many other nifty features to list. 

I use TypePad Pro, which allows unlimited blogs which can each be pointed to their own domains (this is tricky, so read the documentation first), unlimited authors, and unlimited fun.  Seriously, I am a total TypePad convert.  If only Picassa worked seamlessly with it, but I’m getting over that fast.  I think you can get a 30-day free trial.  Check it out.

OK, back to horticulture.  I promise.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Geek Out”

  1. Hi Amy,
    TypePad does look very cool. Very pro. I had no idea it was a paid service, though! I think I’m too cheap at the moment to pay for something I’ve been getting for free.
    You have inspired me to look into more Blogger hacks, though, so I can trick out my “po, but proud” blog as much as possible. Wee!

  2. Hi Amy,
    First off, I loved The Earth Moved and just found your blog. I’m also a gardener, writer, and speaker, and happen to be in the market for an ISP and a domain name register–I clicked to Webmasters and what a great deal! I can’t believe they also have great customer service. Thanks for the tip!
    Monica in Michigan

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