All I Want for Christmas Is a Used Bookstore


How are we going to fit this under the tree?

Eureka Books has been in Old Town for 20 years, and the owners were ready to retire.  The store was either going to be closed or sold.  Scott has loved this store for a long time and bought many treasures for his own collection there. (Like any modern marriage, we have separate blog posts up; you can read his here.)

So we joined with another local couple, Jack and Peggy Irvine, and found a way to buy the store and keep it open.  We didn’t buy the building, but we have a nice long lease. It’s in a prime location–right across from the gazebo in Old Town, just a block from the waterfront, in the middle of all  the tourist traffic.

We’re lucky to have two more bookstores nearby–Booklegger, at the end of the block, sells general used books, and Consider the Alternatives, a block and a half away, sells new books on spirituality.  The more bookstores, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

Scott’s in charge of figuring out how to make this thing go.  The store has three employees, who have agreed to stay on (thank goodness!) so we may pull a shift down there every once in a while, but mostly Scott will be freed up to think about the big picture.

Coming up first:  some Christmas lights in those windows!