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Christmas Decorations

Posted by on December 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

Our store manager (who is inside, hard at work) happens to be married to someone with some talent for Christmas decorating, and she came up with the idea of the stockings with books inside them.  We also managed to get a few lights up, although it’s clear that we need more lights in our store windows.  A project for next year.

We also did some decorating and sprucing-up inside, although there’s more to come of that as well.  Still, it’s pretty yummy, don’t you think?

We continue our Christmas tour at home.  We bought a pretty scraggly tree from a near-empty lot after dark in the rain.  At least it was on sale.  We left the price tag on–somehow that appealed to me.  Here it is:


and finally, I present our mantle, the only other bit of Christmas decoration in our house.  The stockings come from Scott’s aunt, and fortunately, my mother sent us some small presents so we have something to put in them.  There is also a wreath from my mom and these two peasant farmer people from Scott’s grandmother.  They’re not intended as Christmas decorations exactly, but when else are you going to put peasant figurines around your house?  They fit somehow.

Our Lady of the Redwoods (between the stockings) is not actually part of the decorations–she lives there all the time–and she also came from my mom, who found her at a garage sale.



  1. The store looks great. Congratulations on the new venture.

  2. Amy–congratulations to you and Scott!! How exciting to be new owners of what looks to me like the most charming, beautiful, comfy & friendly bookstore EVER! It’s adorable! And I lOVE your Christmas tree at home–it’s perfect! Happy Holidays to you –hope I can see you soon. 🙂

  3. Amy:
    I love your storefront! What a great building, inside and out. I haven’t been to Eureka, CA but maybe someday! Loved your picture with the hen in ‘Organic Gardening’. I like chickens!

  4. Your tree is elegant and beautiful. Perfect in front of the celadon wall.