Orvieto Solitude 6×6


I’m calling this one Orvieto Solitude because there were actually a couple of other people in the photograph. But I put this guy in and I just liked the sense of him walking alone on a quiet afternoon. Yes, you could say that social distancing is affecting my art!

6 x 6 inches, oil on gesso panel. The panel is about 1/8 inch thick. The painting has been varnished with a light satin varnish.

Paintings are signed on the back in marker.

SHIPPING: Please be sure to choose a shipping address where a package may be safely delivered! I will carefully wrap and ship your painting by US Priority Mail. You’ll be charged only $4.95 for shipping within the United States, and $35 for shipping worldwide.

FRAMING: I recommend framing in a simple floater frame such as this one from Ampersand. It comes with risers so that the frame can accommodate many different panel depths. These are sold by Blick and many other frame shops. You do not need to put an oil painting behind glass.

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