New Zealand Garden 8×10 Gouache Painting


A view of Christchurch Botanical Garden. This painting comes from a recent trip I took to New Zealand. I was there in spring–for me–which is their fall. I never got over seeing fall colors everywhere I looked in April!

This is painted with gouache on 8×10 illustration board and lightly varnished with cold wax.  This board is about 1/4 inch thick and can be framed like any other painting on panel, in a standard-size floater frame such as these from Ampersand. The cold wax varnish gives it basic protection against moisture, so it does not need to be behind glass. However, if you plan to display the painting in a room exposed to bright sunlight, you should frame it behind UV glass.

Paintings are signed on the back in pencil or pen. Some of my paintings will have minor scuffs, blemishes, or marks around the edges. This won’t be visible when the painting is framed, and is just part of the art-making process.

SHIPPING: Please be sure to choose a shipping address where a package may be safely delivered! I will carefully wrap and ship your painting by US Priority Mail. You’ll be charged only $4.95 for shipping within the United States, and $30 for shipping to Canada.  Sorry, due to increased regulations, I’m no longer shipping worldwide.

FRAMING: This painting is ready to be framed behind glass in any standard frame.

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