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Abigail is a Golden-Laced Wyandotte. She was part of the first flock of chickens I raised. It’s amazing how their personalities are already formed right out of the egg: as a day-old chick, she was already the shy one, and she remained that way all her life. But she was also the most elegant, with beautiful gold and black feathers that looked like they belonged on Fifth Avenue. This is one of two versions I painted for an online class on painting chicken portraits.

5 x 7 inches, ink, watercolor, and gouache on paper. The paper itself measures 6 x 9 inches.

Paintings are signed on the back in pen. Some of my paintings are done on-site, which means that the paper may have slight scuffs or very minor blemishes around the edges or on the back. That’s just part of the process of working outdoors.

SHIPPING: Please be sure to choose a shipping address where a package may be safely delivered! I will carefully wrap and ship your painting by US Priority Mail. You’ll be charged only $4.95 for shipping within the United States, and $35 for shipping worldwide.

FRAMING: This painting is ready to be framed behind glass in any standard frame.

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