Constance Kopp’s World

Some images and headlines from the real events that inspired each of the Kopp Sisters novels. See the Cast of Characters page for more. Click each image for a higher-quality version.

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Girl Waits with Gun

  • This photo of Constance and Fleurette together shows that Constance really was a “substantial” woman. Newspapers reported that she stood almost six feet tall and weighed 180 pounds. Family members remember that Fleurette was “about five feet in heels.”

Lady Cop Makes Trouble

  • A cell at the Hackensack Jail, furnished with all the comforts of home. Although we can't be sure, it's possible that this is the cell where Constance slept.

Miss Kopp's Midnight Confessions

  • The DuPont powder works, where Edna Heustis worked in real life in MISS KOPP'S MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS.

Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit

  • In Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit, Constance really did jump in the river to save a man.

Kopp Sisters on the March

  • This is a real National Service School, where women lived in tents and prepared for wartime service before World War I.

Dear Miss Kopp

  • A typical Hostess House at an Army camp, much like the ones where Fleurette would have stayed.