Where Did The Paintings Go?


I am still painting–I just haven't been posting lately.  Before long I'll be on a book tour and this blog will be full of book tour news and weird cell phone photos taken from my hotel window  (I know, you can't wait, right?) and other such things.

But.  The good news is that I have been asked to join four amazing painters in a new venture, Lost Coast Daily Painters.  One of us will post a new painting every day.  Most of them will be for sale on eBay, but we also have a 'Buy It Now' section  where there will be some good bargains on paintings available directly from the artist for a fixed price.

We officially launch in March, but we have each put something up this month just to get ourselves familiar with how it all works.  Consider it a soft launch.  Right now there are some incredible bargains–one of Humboldt County's finest landscape painters has some lovely work up with starting bids at only $25.   Check it out, and tell your friends!

Oh, and about this chicken?  That's Dolley.  And no, you can't have her!  I am doing a series of four portraits like this, one of each hen, to hang in my own house.  Then I may do another, very similar series to sell.  But this one's just for me.