“Two Apples”–SOLD

Two_apples8 x 10, oil on gessoed art board.  Click here to bid. Go here to see other eBay auctions.

I’m getting ready to head to New Mexico for a week-long painting workshop with Carol Marine.  Don’t ask me how I found the time–I didn’t.  I just decided several months ago that if I waited until I had a lot of free time on my hands, it would never happen.  So I booked the trip anyway, and off I go.

And as I was ordering art supplies online to have shipped to the workshop, I realized that those of you who have bought paintings off this blog are funding a good portion of this workshop!  So thank you. I hope to have some good stuff to show when I get back.

This is a funny painting.  I wasn’t happy with the background, so I kept wiping it off and starting over. Then I got down to this messy  blue-and-white surface and thought, "Huh. That’s kind of cool."  It’s not the kind of thing I could pull off on purpose, but it’s an interesting accident.