“Two Apples”–SOLD


Oil on canvas board, 8 x 8 inches.  Click to bid.  Go here to see all eBay auctions.

Oil paints are the perfect medium for a writer.  Writing is all about revision and reworking, and the same is true of oils.  You try something, you wipe it off, you try something else, you paint over it.  Scrape, erase, cover up, blend. 

That’s what happened with this painting.  I wasn’t happy with the background, so I let it dry and painted over it, letting quite a bit of the old background show through.  The whole thing was kind of an accident, but it worked.

Oh, and in case you’re coming here for the first time and wondering why I’m putting paintings online, go back to the beginning here.   I just found an art supply store that carries the paints I use at a discount, and they accept PayPal (that’s Merri Artist, in case you, too, have PayPal money to burn on art supplies) and thanks to you readers who have bought paintings,  I actually got to  take my ill-gotten eBay  gains and stock up on paints for the new year! 

And now I’m off to paint.  Painting in the morning, writing in the afternoon.  We’ll see how that goes.