Time for Another Art Auction!

I’m auctioning off a bunch of paintings to benefit two worthwhile charities. If you want to skip the explanation and go straight to the auction, go here. Bidding ends November 17, 2019.

It’s been a tough three years, friends. If you’re like me, maybe you’ve found it hard to keep going in the face of catastrophically bad news night after night, terrifying world events, and just an unbearable, soul-crushing sense that our country has lost its way. Many of us have a hard time making art in the face of — well, all of it. Especially if, like me, your art involves making pretty pictures of pretty places. What’s the point of that, if the planet’s on fire?

Well, what I decided to do, exactly three years ago, was to keep making my art, because I love to do it. Only I made one change: I started auctioning it off for charity. 100 percent of the money I’ve made from every painting I’ve sold in three years has gone to one group or another that is out there fighting the good fight. The ACLU. Planned Parenthood. Pro Publica. The American Refugee Committee.

Now I’m doing twenty auctions to benefit two groups. These groups have been advocating for justice and reform on two of the most painful issues of 2019: gun violence and immigrant detention.

Mass shootings. People locked up in government detention camps. We shouldn’t even be saying these words in 2019.  It’s unthinkable, what we’ve seen this year.

So–here is a way that you can fight back. Go buy yourself a pretty painting, and know that every penny you spend will go directly to these two groups through eBay’s charity program:

RAICES: The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services

Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (Gabby Gifford’s non-profit)

Go here to take a look at the paintings I have up for auction. If you want to know about future auctions I might do, feel free to add me to your favorite sellers on eBay, or sign up for my newsletter.  You can also follow me on Instagram for art updates.