“Three Daisies”

Three_daisies_vase6 x 8, oil on canvas panel.  SOLD.

This vase is so much fun to paint.  I use it a lot in still lifes.  It was made by Eva Zeisel for Nambe (uh-oh, I see she’s got another design out, and I’m headed to New Mexico soon.  I have a feeling I’m coming home with a new vase.)  We have a few of Zeisel’s dishes from back in the 50’s, and they’re all curvy and gorgeous and hard to resist. I’m not much of a collector, but I’m always tempted to pick up her stuff when I see it–and I find it so inspiring that she’s still working into her 90s.  (She also designs for Crate & Barrel.)

And Shasta daisies? My mother’s favorite flower.  I’ve always grown them, along with my grandmother’s favorite flower, tiger lilies.