The Lost Coast Daily Painters Calendar, plus Chicken Notecards!

The group I paint with, Lost Coast Daily Painters, is pleased to announce the release of our 2010 calendar on We've gathered Humboldt County scenes painted by Kathy O'Leary, Rachel Schlueter, Linda Mitchell, and Amy Stewart.

Zazzle has made it very easy for artists to create calendars, notecards, postage stamps, and other products with their art–and it's not printed until you order it.
I hope you'll stop by the store and check it out.

I'm particularly excited to see Linda Mitchell's award-winning painting of Eureka Books and Rachel Schlueter's awesome paintings of local bars on notecards. Well done! 

And I created some notecards and postage stamps based on a series of portraits I did of my chickens–plus some still life and New York street scene paintings.  It's all here.

So here it is, just in time for holiday shopping. Stop back often–we're adding new designs all the time.

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