The Daily Specials, Paris

Daily special 8 x 10

I remember this morning in Paris so well.  I was very grumpy, because (believe it or not) I was tired of eating pastries for breakfast.  (I know, nice problem to have, right?) I wanted some eggs and toast, or even some oatmeal.  And I didn't want one of those tiny cups of coffee–I wanted a giant latte, or a waitress who walked around endlessly filling my cup.

So. I was in a foul mood over this silly little thing, and I dragged my poor husband around until I found a cafe in the Latin Quarter that would serve us a very overpriced breakfast of eggs and toast and coffee.  Seriously, with the exchange rate, this breakfast probably cost us fifty bucks.  My beloved spouse was not pleased.  So we sat there, glowering at each other, until the manager cleared off a table and starting writing out the day's specials on this board.  Suddenly, it was Paris again!  Magic!  I was so pleased to catch him in the act.

This is actually a study for a larger 16 x 20 painting.  If you're interested in that one, send me an email.

Meanwhile, this one is an 8 x 10 oil on thin (1/16 inch) masonite board.  Click here to bidGo here to see other paintings on eBay.