Persimmons and Eggplant

Persimmon with eggplants

6 x 8 inch thin (1/16 inch deep) canvas-covered panel.  Click here to bid. Go here to see all my eBay auctions.

I almost never paint on a canvas surface anymore–I've really gotten addicted the smooth surface of a panel.  But I had these canvas-covered panels sitting around, and I decided to go back to them for some still life paintings.  I was surprised by how much I liked it–there's something about the way the paint settles into canvas that gives the color a real depth you don't get on a panel.  So–maybe I'll do more of that.

There are actually three of these little 6 x 8 paintings of persimmon and eggplant.  I really liked these colors, so I had a lengthy photo session with them one afternoon.  More to come!