on eBay–‘Fifth Avenue Reflection’–SOLD

Fifth avenue

6 x 8 oil on linen panel.  Click here to bid.  Go here to see my other eBay auctions, and there are also some paintings for sale on Etsy.

Once again–a painting I'm so pleased with that I took it off the easel and photographed it before it even had a chance to dry.  I remember this moment in Manhattan–I came around the corner and here was this guy leaning against this shiny building, and I thought he was doing the kind of thing I would do in Manhattan, which is to lean against some iconic structure and possibly even kiss it, just because I love New York so much and am always under such a spell when I'm there.

But he was not kissing the building, nor was he gazing at his reflection in the twinkly Manhattan night sky.  He was talking on his cell phone.

Oh well.  Anyway, I've been looking at this photograph for like a year and thinking that it would be much too complicated to paint.  But here's the funny thing:  I spent as much time on this as I spent over the weekend on a simple little painting of some cherries.  The cherries drove me CRAZY, and this one just worked exactly the way I wanted it to, given, of course, my limited skills and abilities.

So.  Here it is, part of an ongoing effort to raise funds for an actual painting trip to Manhattan next summer.

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