on eBay–‘Gaslights’–SOLD


8 x 10 oil on board.  Click here to bid.  Go here to see all eBay auctions, and there are more paintings for sale in my Etsy shop.

It’s funny how some paintings look better when they’re photographed, and some look worse.  I have very often photographed a painting to put on this blog, looked at the photograph, and said, "How did I miss that?"  I’ll see poor color choices, missing shadows, uneven lines, even fingerprints on a painting that I completely missed when I was looking at the original.

But in other cases–and this is one of them–I’ll take a painting I’m not real sure about, photograph it, look at it on my computer, and go, "hey, that’s kind of cool."

This is an actual old-fashioned gas light outside of City Hall in Manhattan.  I took the picture at dusk, at that wonderful blue hour when a city like New York really sparkles. The angle of the photograph was kind of uneven and strange, so I just left it that way for the painting.

Anyway.  It’s an odd little painting, but it appeals to me.

2 thoughts on “on eBay–‘Gaslights’–SOLD”

  1. God I love this painting.
    Don’t have the cash for it right this minute, but I’ve come here everyday since you posted it just to look at it. *happy sigh* I love the angle. And the bits of orange and yellow with the blue dusk sky.

  2. Wow.. are you a student of the Van Gough fellowship? Wonderful painterly approach to a city scape… this one jumped out at me… you’ve managed to make a man-made environment “live” it literally vibrates with light, shadow and form-in-motion
    I’m literally trapped on this site!

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