on eBay–‘Cherry Tomatoes’–SOLD


5 x 7 inch oil on art board. Click here to bid.  See my other eBay auctions here.  I’ve also got some paintings for sale on Etsy.

This is a smaller size than I usually do–only 5 x 7–but it means that everything is exactly life-sized, which makes sense, somehow, in this case.  I was so pleased with how this turned out that I did something I usually don’t do–I took it right off the easel and put it on eBay, without even waiting a day or two to make sure it didn’t need more work.

It’s a funny thing about paintings–you paint them, and off they go.  You might never see them again.  If I write a book, I’ll always have the book around.  But paintings?  They either go, or they pile up around the house.

This one should go live happily ever after with someone, not collect dust in my attic.  Besides, I’m embarking upon a new fundraising mission:  I’ve got an idea to go off and paint for a whole month next year.  More on that soon.