on eBay–‘Cherries’–SOLD


5 x 7 inch oil on board.  Click here to bid.  Go here to see all eBay auctions, and there are even more paintings on Etsy.

Another little one.  I did this cherry painting in Carol Marine’s workshop in Santa Fe this summer and I was so pleased with it that I’ve held onto it all this time. It was the one painting I did all week that really seemed to bring it all of her techniques together.

So I’ve kept it, thinking that I wouldn’t part with it until I felt sure I could do it again.  I have several more (coming up) that I like even more than these cherries,  so now I can send it out into the world!

2 thoughts on “on eBay–‘Cherries’–SOLD”

  1. I love your books (read them all) and I have also recently started painting and love your paintings!! I REALLY want to take a class with Carol. The cherries that you painted in her class are turned out amazing! I just wrote to her to see if she’s coming anywhere near me in the near future. Must get some direction in painting! Are there any books/videos/websites, etc. you recommend for those getting started that you found useful? Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I’ve been part of the same weekly painting class for years, and nothing can beat that. I think it’s hard to learn how to paint by yourself, because there’s nobody around to challenge your sloppy habits.
    If you can’t get into some regular group or class, I do recommend workshops like Carol’s–and it was great fun to travel to one away from home, because I just got to live & breathe painting for a week. That can be expensive, of course, but it’s a real treat. I made great friends in that class.

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