Lunch at the New York Public Library

I had this idea to do a series of people eating their lunch at the New York Public Library.  So far, it is a series of two.  This is the first one. Maybe tomorrow I’ll show you the second one.

This painting is a minor triumph for me–I’m totally intimidated by the idea of painting bodies.  Those bare legs are trickier than they look.  But when I took this picture, I was emboldened by the workshop I’d just taken with Karin Jurick, in which she had us walk around the city and photograph people to paint.  (She’s teaching that workshop again next year, by the way.  Don’t everybody sign up at once.  I’m not sure yet if I can take it, but I want to.  Hope there’s still a space for me once I get my schedule worked out; these things fill up fast.)

Anyway.  Some of my painter friends here in Eureka are getting together once a week to do some figure painting.  I really should start going, just to get over my fear of the figure.

This one is 8 x 10 on half-inch board with slots in the back so you can hang it on a nail unframed.  Click here to bidGo here to see other paintings on eBay, and as always, do check out Daily Paintworks, where you can see my gallery plus thousands of other fabulous paintings.

Here’s a larger view of the painting: