It’s Time for Another Art Auction

In the last year and a half, I’ve held a series of art auctions to benefit groups like Planned Parenthood, Pro Publica, and the American Refugee Committee. With your help, I was able to donate over $9000 to groups that were fighting the good fight. But as we move closer to election season, I know that what matters most is electing good people to office.

That’s why I’m dedicating my latest batch of paintings–32 in all–to Swing Left’s Immediate Impact Fund. These funds will go to district races around the country where they can have the biggest impact. I’ll donate 100% of the purchase price of all of these paintings, and if you win a painting, I’ll enclose a donation receipt so you can see the total amount that you helped to raise.

Auctioning off paintings for a good cause has also been good for me. I’m determined not to worry and fret over world affairs every minute of the day. So I spend some time making art, and I sell that art to benefit causes I believe in. The paintings you see here represent every single work of art I’ve made since I moved to Portland last fall. (Well, except the stuff in my sketchbooks, which are just for me.) To see more of my art, check out Instagram.

Go here to see all the paintings and to place a bid. Please, tell your friends, bid early and often, and help me raise some money!