Email Newsletter: Have a Wicked Holiday!

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Hello all,

I am ending 2009 at home–at last!  By the time I hit the road again in January, I will have had two glorious months at home.  Good thing, too, because my next book is due in the spring and I needed a little quiet time to get it done!

More about that next year.  Meanwhile, here's a bit of good news:  Wicked Plants is up for Best Cover of the Year on  I'm so happy to see the designer, Alvaro Villanueva, get a little credit for this great design.  If you'd like to vote, click the link here–and tell your friends, if you're so inclined. Voting ends Dec. 17

Looking ahead to 2010, I've got events lined up in (deep breath!) Los Angeles, San Diego, Memphis, Palm Beach, Kansas City, Lincoln, NE, Redlands, CA, Austin, and throughout the Bay Area.  If you're in any of those places, check the Events page for details. 

I'm also looking at possible events in Chicago, New York, Anchorage, and England, so stay tuned.  Or get in touch if you want to cook something up.

Oh, and I wanted to share the dressed-up holiday version of Wicked Plants, which arrived by mail recently:

Wicked plants holiday 

In the publishing trade, this is called a "belly band"–it's a little wrap-around thingy that sort of jazzes up the book for a special occasion.  Which reminds me–if you'd like an inscribed copy of any of my books to give as a gift this year, it's not too late.  Go here to order directly from our bookstore, and if you choose "standard shipping" we'll upgrade it to Priority Mail for free during the holidays in the hopes of getting it there in time.  (Note–we don't have any of these cheery "belly band" copies in the bookstore, so if that's important to you, check with your local independent bookstore instead.)

Oh, and speaking of buying stuff this holiday season, I'm very honored to be part of this group of local painters called Lost Coast Daily Painters.  We each take turns posting a small painting online every day (my day is Tuesday), and now we've started to put our art on notecards, calendars, mugs, etc. at  I mention this now because today only they are offering a bunch of special deals, including $9 off calendars and 50% off notecards when you buy 10 or more.  Here's the discount code:  12DEALZAZZLE.

That's it for now, folks.  As always, you can find me on GardenRant, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  Have a peaceful holiday season!