Eggplant Pair

Pair of eggplants

I tried out a new surface this weekend–a 1/2 inch thick masonite board with grooves in the back so that you can hang it right on a nail with no extra hardware.  It's a nice surface and it's fun to do a square painting again.  I've been attached to these 8 x 10 boards for a while now–but you can do some interesting things in a square. 

More coming soon.  Oh, and this is–6 x 6 inch oil on board.  Click here to bid. Go here to see more eBay paintings, and go here to see more paintings on Etsy.

2 thoughts on “Eggplant Pair”

  1. Wow, you really do paint. I like these a lot. Peppers 2 is my favorite. I’ll keeping these in mind for Christmas presents.

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