I am home–drove back from Portland last night–and the first thing I did when I got up this morning?  Start a new painting! It’s good to be back in my space, doing my thing.

So expect to see a lot of paintings over the next few weeks.  I have a few that were still drying when I left that I’ll post, plus some new ones.

This one is listed on eBay–it’s 5 x 7, oil on 1/2 inch board, with slots in the back so you can just hang it unframed on a nail if you want to.  Click here to bid.  And go here to see all my paintings on eBay–I’ve just lowered prices on everything in the name of making some space for new work, so check that out, too.

And as always, I’ve got a gallery on Daily Paintworks you can check out.

Here’s a larger view:











1 thought on “Chickens!”

  1. Fun sight. I am also a fan of raising hens, worms, and gardening. Only been to Portland a couple of times but my wife and I watch Grimm every week it is on.

    Other hobbies include building coops and Highland throwing.
    Always Press On

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