Chicken Paintings!


5"x7" oil on board.  This is 3/8 inch fiberboard with slots in the back so that you can easily hang it without framing.  The sides are painted black.  Click here to bid  (this auction begins at 6 pm on July 6) and go here to see more paintings. You can also find me and many talented artists on Daily Paintworks.

It's been a while since I've posted any paintings here.  Life got very, very busy for a while–I have been on the road almost non-stop since late February–and before that I was helping get Wicked Bugs ready for publication and getting started on my new book.

But that doesn't mean I wasn't painting!  The paintings from the last year have really started to stack up, so they have got to go.  I'll be posting them more regularly here, so I hope you'll follow along.

This is Dolley, the queen of the roost.  She's incredibly easy for me to paint because I know her so well.  If you keep chickens, you know that they all have really distinct personalities, and Dolley is very sharp and sure of herself. 

I used to paint my chickens in the garden, which is, of course, where they live, but one time I left the background out and I was really struck by how much I liked this simple portrait style.  I've painted a series of head-and-shoulder portraits very much like these of the entire flock. (Do chickens have shoulders?  You know what I mean.) They hang above my kitchen sink.  I'm really going for a sort of Sears Portrait Studio look with these–that very bland, straightforward family photo that we all have hanging in our homes at some point.

Anyway.  Here she is.  There will be more chicken portraits to come, I promise!

Oh, and one last thing: You can find some of my paintings on notecards at Zazzle.  I'll continue to add more images as time goes on, and I might even do a calendar at some point, so stay tuned!