Bowl of Cherries

Cherries5 x 7 oil on gessoed art board.  SOLD. A couple other auctions are ending soon–check those out here.

Painting in the evening has been so much damn fun.  I usually get started around 8 and go to 10 or 11.  I’m never too tired to paint–in fact, I get my second wind for the day when I start fiddling around with the easel.  A little jazz on the radio, a glass of wine, and I’m happy.

I’m totally in love with these cherries.  There will probably be more cherry paintings this summer, if I can keep from eating them all.

1 thought on “Bowl of Cherries”

  1. It’s wonderful that you’re enjoying it so much. I have lately put all my creative energy into gardening, though I have a degree in fine arts. You are inspiring me to get back to the sketchbook — for the fun of it.

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