“Books and Vase”–SOLD

Books_and_vase8 x 10 oil on gessoed art board.  Click here to bid. Go here to see all eBay auctions.

I set up this still life at our bookstore.  I took the photograph at kind of an odd angle, which made this oddly-shaped vase look even more off-kilter.  I decided to really just let it look crazy. The store is full of funny little objects like this vase–I don’t know whose it is (well, I guess it’s mine now) or how it got there.

More book paintings to come.  I’m having fun coming up with other objects to paint with the books.  The other day I thought it would be fun to paint an ashtray sitting on a stack of books (a familiar scene from my childhood) but then I thought, where would I get an ashtray?