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“Books, Again”–SOLD

Posted by on January 14, 2008 in Paintings

Books28 x 10 oil on gessoed art board. Click here to bid. Go here to see all eBay auctions.

Another bookish painting. I fussed with this one for several days, which hardly makes it a daily painting, but in the end I was happy with it.

More books to come…they turn out to be a good subject in winter, when there are no flowers in the garden to paint and even the chickens don’t want to stand still and pose for the camera.


  1. Hi Amy, I written several comments but didn’t like what I said. I like certain paintings and I like your newest bookscape. I grew up in Taos, NM – my dad is an artist and I just like what I like. I’ve read your chicken blog for awhile, and am think that your expansion into other areas is great. I hope the bookstore is a success. I could put your painting in my bedroom – among the other stacks and it wouldn’t get returned to the library.

  2. VERY nice!! You really nailed it. Great texture and dimension. And great composition. It looks like you really enjoyed doing it.

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