8 x 10 oil on gessoed art board.  Click here to bid. Go here to see all my eBay auctions.

Here’s the finished painting. I tried to go easy on it and keep the whole thing fairly loose and sketchy, and I’m happy with the way it turned out. 

I’m going over to the bookstore today to see if I can get some more photos of books in their native habitat for the rest of this series!

One thing that’s tricky about putting paintings online:  getting the colors that you see on your screen to match what’s on the canvas.  I do my best to photograph the paintings in good, clear light and to make whatever adjustments I can so that the painting matches the image, but it’s not always easy.  And believe it or not, sometimes the digital image looks better than the painting–the colors are bolder and more saturated, the lights are lighter or the darks are darker–and I will actually go back and work on the painting a little to make it match the photograph.  It’s as if the colors I see on the screen suggest some possibility I hadn’t considered.