I’m leaving Wednesday for Tales of the Cocktail, a glorious five day event devoted to all things boozy, held every July in (where else?) New Orleans.  (yes, it’s research for the next book.  It’s a tough job….)

Anyway, in honor of TOTC, I’m posting some bar paintings this week.  I love to paint the interiors of bars, and the bottles behind bars, but it’s not always easy to get a good images to work with.  I took this at Ward III, a lovely little bar in Tribeca that offers “bespoke” cocktails.   You chose a spirit, a texture, a flavor, a spice, and a fruit, and they make a cocktail to order.  The danger in this is that you’ll end up ordering one cocktail after another just to see what the bartender comes up with.  “Let’s see, I’ll have something with gin that’s spicy, strong, and has cayenne and peach.”  If they can pull that off, it really makes you want to spin the wheel again and see what else they can do.

Anyway, I sat at the end of the bar for quite some time, sipping my bespoke cocktails and trying to snap pictures of the bar’s lovely warm, dark interior.

This is 8 x 10 on a 3/8 inch deep panel with a canvas textured surface.  Notches in the back so you can hang it unframed.  Click here to bid.  Go here to see other paintings on eBay.  Check back in a couple days for more bar paintings.  Cheers!