“Autumn Pears”

Pair_of_pears_2 oil on board, 8 x 10.   SOLD. 

Every year, I get a box of these fat, ripe pears in the mail from a relative on the East Coast.   I always save a few and take them with me to paint on Wednesday night.  Before, I had always done them on canvas, but this time I experimented with slick, gessoed boards and I really liked the results.  The paint slides around on the board, and it’s easy to push around with palette knives and these silicone color shapers, which a friend calls "paint pushers."  This is really the first painting that I did in this style, but there have been many more since then.  I’ll post more soon.

And in the spirit of paint pushing, I’ve made this my first eBay listing.    

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